Anonymous asked: you're not panget naman pala eh. cute actually :))

awww thanks but I know what my face looks like in reality ( not with apple’s looks-enhacing camera ) I’m not makinis huhuhuhuhuhu

Anonymous asked: Akala ko makakatulong ako e. Sorry. Hindi na ko makikialam. :'(

nah It’s cool, just don’t introduced yourself to me. Haha kidding.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm M and just like you, I'm a gay guy. It's normal to have crushes. Okay lang na maging crush mo si Vin for inspiration but you really don't have to seek attention from him. If he's ignoring you, then just stop. You have to act mature, malapit ka na mag-20. Trust me, there are better guys out there.

hahaha, thank you. lol pero I tweeted him before kase walang lang. Alam ko namang di niya papansinin yun coz he’s such a star. I’m not really obsessed with him, parang normal celebrity crush lang ( like Jake Cuenca ) hahaha but thanks :)

Last day for this semester! :D ( i hope it’s not my last day in adu ) I need o pass my math. #prayersplease haha

LOLJK wala hahhhaha kawawa ako

Guys, I have a crush and he likes me too…

but he’s so complicated. It makes want to end it all already but but but but something still makes me want to stay and I don’t know what that is.

Christmas/birthday/graduation wish hihi

Christmas/birthday/graduation wish hihi

Sofia Vergara reads mean tweet.

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That’s why I have trust issues..

him: paload ka ah, magtxt ka.

me: okay


me: hello

after 2 hrs

me: uy

after 6 hours


after a day

him: sorry ( put explanation here)

Christmas wish

Christmas wish